1. Send emails to your family and friends

Seems simple right? One of the top reasons people don’t donate is because they weren’t asked.

 2. Make it personal!

People will donate because YOU are asking them to. It's as simple as that. Communicate your passion to your friends, family, co-workers and other potential donors. Send personalized notes or post on your social media with a specific ask. 

 3. Think of your everyday activies, where do you go often?

Your neighbourhood coffee shop, your hair salon, your favourite restaurant. Ask them for a small donation, even $20 goes a long way!

 4. Ask your network to ask their network - spread the word! 

 5. Share your "Why"!

Why do you choose to support Sunshine, why do you choose to donate?

6. Need more tips? Check out our easy "How to" pages:

How to raise $250 in 7 days
How to raise $500 in 7 days

7. Need helping making your event virtual? We have a complete guide for you here!