Join us anytime between August 1-31, 2021 as we #SplashForKids

The Great Canadian Splash For Kids is Sunshine’s virtual fundraising challenge. Get involved in fun and easy challenges and raise funds from wherever you are to help change the lives of kids from coast to coast to coast living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses.

Join us on social media as you dip into the 'digital stream' to share videos and photos of you and/or your virtual team completing water themed activities of your choice – by a pool, lake or tub! Gather some super soakers, water balloons, a slip and slide or simply a glass of water!

Anyone can get involved:

● Sign up for free and begin fundraising! All ages and abilities can join the easy challenges from anywhere! 
● Invite others to support your Splash!
● Challenge your friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues for pledges 
● Be the splasher or the splashee!
● Share the summertime fun on our socials! Show off your #SplashForKids excitement by uploading photos and videos along the way. Join our contest, aim to win awards, and achieve the fundraising milestones. See all the details here!

What does event day look like?
● ADD IN ACTIVITY: ex. post a pic or video to our event page anytime over the weekend and be entered for great prizes!

● Want to do even more? Fundraise $X and be entered into draw for even more prizes. 

- Challenges are for all ages and abilities, indoor or outdoor!

● Make a splash with water in a creative way and post the video or photo to social media.
- Tag and follow @SunshineFound
- You could win an award for Best Photo and Best Video

No matter where you are, you can help us make dreams come true!

We need your support more than ever

Raising funds for life-changing Sunshine Dreams is now more important than ever.

In this isolating time, we must recognize the challenge that vulnerable kids and their families are facing right now while living with severe physical disabilities. Even in the absence of a global pandemic, Dr. Marc Fadel, Adolescent Psychiatrist, shares that “children who spend their lives in treatment are vulnerable to isolation, and serious mental health complications like chronic depression and anxiety frequently arise “- and this pandemic only makes it worse. For many of these kids, a Sunshine Dream experience is the only hopeful thing they have and plays an essential role in their health management. They need you more than ever.

Join us for #SplashForKids to help us reach our event goal of $35,000. Together, we can fulfill more dreams and prepare for 100 more life-changing experiences. Your support today will help ensure gift dreams like adapted sports and play equipment, bedroom makeovers, and personal technology will come true next year for kids in your own community.

About The Sunshine Foundation of Canada

The Sunshine Foundation of Canada is a charity that transforms the lives of kids and their families living with physical disabilities through our dream programs. Unlike other wish-granting organizations, a Sunshine Dream experience is not a child’s last wish but an opportunity that helps kids build and express a positive sense of self leading to a brighter, more hopeful future.

Supporting kids and their families in communities across Canada, The Sunshine Foundation of Canada has celebrated 64 Sunshine DreamLifts and over 8,500 young lives transformed since our inception more than 30 years ago. These dreams have helped kids break barriers and write brighter future stories for themselves, showing them that nothing can stand in the way of their dreams.